January 2, 2015

Buchi Bar, Downtown Asheville’s First Kombucha Bar

Posted by: Doniel Winter

Buchi Bar, Downtown Asheville’s First Kombucha Bar

Kombucha has become, in recent years, the latest craze in the health conscious movement that is sweeping American Culture.  Originally from China, Kombucha is a fermented drink packed with health benefits, including boosting the immune system and promoting the healing of arthritis, intestinal disorders, and cancer.

Kombucha has finally arrived in Asheville at the Buchi Bar, which opened in the summer of 2014 and is quickly catching on with Asheville locals. Time will tell if the tourists will take a liking to it as well. The atmosphere is light and airy and lively here. The entrance is off Lexington, just next door to the local bar, Broadways. Upstairs is Rosetta’s, a vegetarian restaurantowned by Rosetta and Buchi Bar is the latest edition to her venture as a Downtown Asheville Business Owner. 

For my second visit to Buchi Bar I ordered the Draught Buchi ‘Water’ Kombucha: organic coconut water, local organic elderberry, organic schzandra berry, organic blueberry, and watermelon. $2.50 for a small glass and delicious. The color is a lovely berry color with little fizzy bubbles that collect on the side of the  glass— an effect of the natural fermentation that Kombucha contains.  For someone like myself who isn’t a big alcohol drinker, I really appreciate the option to have something besides tea or soda when I go out. A non-alcoholic specialty drink is a rare treat! But fear not, “Spirited Drinks” are also available.

An added bonus: You can order food from Rosetta’s Kitchen upstairs. Try the Tempeh Rueben — locally cultivated tempeh from Smiling Hara Tempeh that will knock your socks off ! Come stay with us as Zen Asheville Inn & Spa Retreat and the walk to Buchi Bar - just ten minutes from our inn.

Our Rating: $ and consistently good

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