Luxury Organic Spa Retreat in Western North Carolina

The Spa at ASIA is for registered, overnight guests of the inn. We are not a day spa open to the public.

At ASIA Bed and Breakfast Spa, we pioneered the small B&B spa concept in Asheville, creating an intimate resort experience unlike any other. Our spa is private, open exclusively to guests of the inn. It’s the perfect spa getaway for couples and friends, mothers and daughters, brides to be and their partners in crime.

All of our spa facilities and spa services are enjoyed in separate spaces so you and yours can be together in privacy. The way it should be. We don’t send you “down the street” for massage, and no one comes in and sets up shop in your guest room. That wouldn’t be right.

At the rear of the property is our Couples Massage Suite. If we didn’t point it out, you might not know it was there. It is a serene space to allow you, in the competent hands of our therapists, to let it all go. It’s adjacent to the Zen Meditation Garden, so you can take a moment, post massage, to sit, close your eyes, and let the bliss wash over you.

The cedar lined Finnish Sauna offers room for up to six, but guests of ASIA Bed and Breakfast Spa use it in complete seclusion for TWO. The ancient health benefits of sauna, combined with the courtyard’s outdoor shower, for alternating sessions of hot and cold, promote circulation and detoxification. Prepare for profound relaxation. You will sleep like a baby.

Our European Steam Shower promotes respiratory health and glowing, hydrated skin. It is a misty pleasure to experience and an ideal pre-massage therapy, warming the body and loosening the muscles. Get in about 45 minutes before your treatment time, then relax with a glass of water before our therapists greet you and whisk you away for your treatments.

The second floor Eminence Facial Suite offers a variety of treatments featuring Eminence Organics, the leader in premium organic skin care. Every facial begins with an analysis of your skin type and treatment needs, followed by a proprietary skin cleaning regimen of steam, exfoliation, hydrations and gentle massage. Our aesthetician can also recommend Eminence Organics products, which you can purchase directly from our product in stock or from our catalog, and have sent to your home free of charge.


Our therapists are some of the best in Asheville. We should know, we’ve “interviewed” many. We only work with fully licensed, qualified and insured individuals with no less than 7 years experience in the art, with most having more than ten years experience. All of our colleagues maintain their own practices, including practices at other spas in town, and some are alumni of the most celebrated spas in the country, including the Spa at The Grove Park Inn in Asheville and Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe.

They have interesting stories and have lived interesting lives, not only as health practitioners, but as parents, architects, dancers, designers and artists. We know them very well. They possess the utmost integrity and they are our friends. Many have been with us since we opened more than ten years ago. We hope that you enjoy their dedication to the craft the way we do.

“This was a special treat for me from my husband. Your relaxed atmosphere allowed me to forget the chaos of 3 kids at home. I especially enjoyed the 2 hour treatment. Wow. Thanks for everything.” – Trey & Pam, Chapin SC